1/2/2016 CLOSING PARTY – Clinical Trials at Box Gallery

By flatsitter, December 24, 2015

Virtual Reality Clinical Trials (Closing Party)

Please join Flatsitter, DJ Reverend Johnny (JOHNS, Alpha Hopper, Night Slaves), Ben Lion Soundsystem (Jura Audio House, Silo Sessions) and DJ Frankie Rainbows (Frankie NP, Foundry) on Saturday January 2nd for the culminating event of a virtual reality installation hosted at Box Gallery.

Over 180 people have experienced the virtual reality ‘Clinical Trials’, and we’re going to Run the Bubble until we get every last head in Buffalo inside of that beautiful thing. (And we also gonna dance our asses off.)

BOX GALLERY: 667 Main Street // Buffalo, NY
CLOSING NIGHT: Saturday January 2nd // 5pm to 2am
RSVP ONLINE: http://trials.flatsitter.com // Facebook Event

Leading up to the 2016 release of Theta — Flatsitter’s touring VR meditation spa — Flatsitter is conducting a series of clinical trials exploring the relationship between virtual reality and theta brainwave entrainment.

Virtual Reality Experience by Flatsitter
Guided Meditation by Noah Falck
Lighting Design by Carlie & John Rickus
Bubble Spa Sculpture by Frank Napolski
Biofeedback Medical Systems by Volker Einsfeld