3D Short Film Preview — Open Fortress Dance Collective

By flatsitter, February 22, 2016

I had the absolute pleasure to work with some amazing Montreal / Toronto contemporary dancers — Emily Leblanc, Erin Hill, and Kerwin Barrington. Here are some still photos from the 3D video shoot. I can’t wait to share the film, featuring an immersive score from Anna Mayberry.

(You may recognize Emily Leblanc from our 2015 Just Buffalo Silo Series performance at Silo City.)

2D_24fps.00_11_25_04 2D_24fps.00_13_10_15 2D_24fps.00_15_48_19 2D_24fps.00_16_51_03 2D_24fps.00_20_32_09 2D_24fps.00_20_45_08 2D_24fps.00_22_06_16 2D_24fps.00_23_30_03 2D_24fps.00_24_10_23 2D_24fps.00_24_36_18 2D_24fps.00_25_03_20 2D_24fps.00_26_44_01 2D_24fps.00_43_38_05 2D_24fps.00_45_43_06 2D_24fps.00_48_07_01 1 2D_24fps.00_03_50_00 2D_24fps.00_04_14_06 2D_24fps.00_05_58_07 2D_24fps.00_07_01_20 2D_24fps.00_07_05_21 2D_24fps.00_09_13_03 2D_24fps.00_09_25_00 2D_24fps.00_11_01_18