54th AAFF: Virtual Reality Meditation Clinic by Flatsitter

By flatsitter, March 4, 2016

Ann Arbor Film Festival is excited to present the latest virtual reality experience by multimedia arts-collective Flatsitter — Theta. This virtual reality meditation clinic will be set up in the lobby of the Michigan Theater during the entirety of the festival. Stop by during the festival and let the building split at the seams.

Location: Michigan Theater Lobby
Date: March 16th to 20th
Time: Noon to 7pm
Cost: FREE — Sign up on a first-come-first-serve basis

more info: theta.flatsitter.com
contact: info@flatsitter.com

THETA (Θ) is a guided meditation virtual reality spa experience founded on principles of sensorial decadence and medical relaxation.

Virtual Reality Experience by Flatsitter
Guided Meditation by Noah Falck
Lighting Design by Carlie & John Rickus
Sculpture by Frank Napolski