‘Clinical Trials’ Closing Thoughts

By flatsitter, January 3, 2016

We had an amazing time at Hostel Buffalo-Niagara and Box Gallery. This space is truly a gem for the City of Buffalo, and presents a very compelling vision of our city for tourists. John Piret’s commitment to supporting the arts is a massive boost for this city. Also, what an amazing staff! Thanks Molly, Nicole, Cat, and Akil. Badasses.

From my perspective, I really enjoyed administering this experience. It was a treat to watch people get used to the technology, and to learn more about the relationship between virtual reality stimuli and relaxation. I can’t wait to continue to explore these themes. My favorite quote from a participant was from last night:

I feel like most art exhibitions are an attempt to showcase an artist’s work, but this experience felt like a gift from the artist to the audience.”

FINAL TALLY: 267 participants. Stoked!

We were able to collect a lot of very great feedback from everyone, and we can’t wait to incorporate this feedback into the full touring experience ‘Theta‘, premiering in 2016.

Much love to all who came out. This was a treat.

And, of course, much love to Ben, Frankie, Rickuses, Noah, and Hope for lending a hand. AND big ups to mr. aio, Frankie Rainbows, Ben Lion Soundsystem, and DV Reverend Johnny for dropping beats.