‘Clinical Trials’ Opening at Box Gallery Friday, December 11th

By flatsitter, December 4, 2015

Please join Flatsitter for a series of virtual reality clinical trials.

BOX GALLERY: 667 Main Street // Buffalo, NY
OPENING NIGHT: Friday, December 11 // 8pm to 11pm
WALK-IN OR RSVP ONLINE: http://trials.flatsitter.com

Leading up to the 2016 release of Theta — Flatsitter’s touring VR meditation spa — Flatsitter is conducting a series of clinical trials exploring the relationship between virtual reality and theta brainwave entrainment.

Virtual Reality Experience by Flatsitter
Guided Meditation by Noah Falck
Lighting Design by Carlie & John Rickus
Bubble Spa Sculpture by Frank Napolski
Biofeedback Medical Systems by Volker Einsfeld