By flatsitter, April 23, 2015

Flatsitter’s short film ‘|*ghosting*| was selected for the ‘Phantom Vibrations’ group exhibition hosted at the University of Buffalo Center for the Arts. (April 23, 2015)

|* ghosting *| from FLATSITTER on Vimeo.

“Ideas of mappings, blendings, transversal exchanges, figurations, and cyborgs have so seeped into culture and society that there is no going back. The body continues to fascinate, but what body is it?”
– Jennifer Parker-Starbuck, Cyborg Theater

Phantom Vibrations is a liminal space, meant for examining the intermittent moments when the body and technology intersect, diverge, and blend. The artwork in this exhibition challenges the relationship between the materiality of both the body and technology – investigating their kinship in an increasingly digital era.

It is clear; we are no longer divided – no longer two distinct entities – as the artists in this exhibition open up possibilities for a bodily materiality that does not solely reside in our corporeal form. Bodies are changing, merging technology into the very fabric of their existence. How are we to understand the body if its materiality can also exists outside of our corporeal form? Technology is not simply enhancing the way we communicate with each other; it is drastically shifting the way we perceive our material substantiation.

Curated by Liz Bayan, Department of Art MFA ’15