// LADYBUG to Screen at Ann Arbor and Atlanta Film Festivals

By flatsitter, March 14, 2015

Flatsitter debuts //LADYBUG at Ann Arbor Film Festival & Atlanta Film Festival

Flatsitter’s debut short film, //LADYBUG, premieres at the 53rd Ann Arbor Film Festival (MI) and the Atlanta Film Festival (GA). The film features first-time actress, Ruby Soudant, as a young introvert tuning into the world around her using DIY audio surveillance devices surreptitiously planted inside of plush owls. The story unfolds through a sound-based narrative that reflects the main character’s search for vicarious connectivity.

//LADYBUG was shot in Summer 2014 on location at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY. The soundtrack was recorded and produced by Flatsitter during an artist residency at the Institute for Electronic Arts (Alfred University).

Both festivals take place during the last week of March: The Atlanta Film Festival screens the film during a curated presentation entitled SOUND & VISION on March 26. The Ann Arbor Film Festival screening takes place on March 28, as part of the Films in Competition series.

//LADYBUG TRAILER (Follow link if video embed doesn’t appear)
//LADYBUG – Still Images (below)


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