Lily Dale

A virtual reality exploration of spiritualism, vivid dreaming, and the afterlife.


Lily Dale was founded in 1879 as a camp and meeting place for Spiritualists and Freethinkers. Residents of this small town in Western New York claim to communicate with the dead. The ‘Guidelines for Spiritualism’ are posted on the wall of the Assembly Hall in downtown Lily Dale. Guideline #4 reads: “We Never Die”

The virtual reality experience incorporates interviews with Lily Dale resident mediums, motion capture from movement artist Ginger Wagg, and a deck of hand-drawn tarot cards by artist Bobby Griffiths.

This experience is currently being exhibited at the Dream Wanderer compound near Joshua Tree, California.


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  • David Mitchell – Installation Artist
  • Bobby Griffiths – Illustrator
  • Ginger Wagg – Movement
  • Max Collins – Installation Artist
  • Carlie & John Rickus – Lighting Artists


  • Basilica Hudson // Hudson, NY
  • Knockdown Center // NYC
  • Moogfest // Durham, NC
  • Burning Man // Disco Knights Camp
  • Desert Daze Festival // Joshua Tree, CA
  • Satellite Art Show // Miami Beach, FL
  • Material Art Fair // Mexico City, MX
  • Museum of Human Achievement, Pump Project // Austin, TX
  • Ace Hotels // Portland, OR & Pittsburgh, PA & Los Angeles, CA
  • High Desert Test Sites // Yucca Valley, CA
  • Electric Eclectics Festival // Meaford, Ontario
  • In the Soil Festival // St. Catharines, Ontario
  • Long Winter Festival // Toronto, Ontario
  • Drake Hotel // Toronto, Ontario
  • NOMAD // Los Angeles, CA


Each participant pulls three cards from a custom-drawn deck of tarot cards. Each of these separate cards corresponds with a different 4-minute virtual reality ‘vignette.’ This adds an element of randomness — or serendipity — and invites multiple viewings (there are 20 different scenes, and you do three at a time.)