The intersection of live theater and virtual reality. (2016)


Rhapsody (November 2016) combined live theater and virtual reality in an immersive theater adaptation of the film Bleu by Krzysztof Kieślowski.

Produced in collaboration with Torn Space Theater, this production required audience members to traverse through various rooms which contained: live action, virtual reality, and immersive installation.


  • Dan and Melissa Shanahan – Torn Space Theater
  • Justin Rowland – Score
  • Dechen Dolkar – Actor
  • Becky Globus – Actor
  • Bonnie Taylor – Actor
  • Diane Gaidry – Actor
  • Carlie Rickus – Light Sculpture
  • Marisa Caruso – Stage Manager
  • Photos – Mike Duggan


This sold-out performance was hosted at Torn Space Theater (Adam Mickiewicz Library) from November 4-27, 2016.

We are currently seeking touring venues where we can collaborate with can re-create this performance in other cities.


The ‘staging ground’ consists of (7) different rooms, or chambers. Audience members enter in pairs  and traverse through these different rooms, approximately 8 minutes per room. Some rooms contained live theatrical performances and some rooms contained virtual reality stations.

  • Room One: We meet the main character Julie — played by four different actors — here by Bonnie Taylor) as she folds laundry and chats with her husband on the phone.
  • Room Two: We are inside of a car in virtual reality — our perspective is from Julie in the passenger seat with the husband driving the daughter in the back. The VR experience ends with a car crash.
  • Room Three: We are in the hospital as Julie (played here by Becky Globus) learns of the death of her family and attempts — in vain — to take her own life.
  • Room Four: We are back in virtual reality — connecting with Julie’s great passion — the music that Julie composed with her late husband.
  • Room Five: We share a bed with Julie (played here by Dechen Dolkar) as she experiences attempts to alleviate her grief with a carnal encounter.
  • Room Six: We watch as Julie (played here by Diane Gaidry) begins to slip away mentally.
  • Room Seven: We are in a shower, a meditative space with water dripping from above.
  • Room Eight: The final room consists of a large pool of water with headphones for individual music experiences.