White Buck

A dream is a shadow of something real.


‘White Buck’ is a virtual reality spirit journey featuring traditional Seneca music from the Allegheny River Dancers recorded live inside of the Marine A grain silo complex at Silo City.


  • Bill Krause & Family – Seneca singers
  • Julian Montague – White Buck image
  • Tom Lebke – White Buck 3D model
  • Benjamin Jura – Audio Guru
  • Ben Lord – Silo City 3-D Model


‘White Buck’ was hosted at Silo City — a historic grain elevator complex in Buffalo, NY. Prior to its industrial usage, the site was part of the Buffalo Creek Reservation — a 50,000 acre plot of land set aside for the Seneca Nation following negotiation with the US government after the American Revolutionary War.

Sometimes, when it’s very quiet amidst the overgrown weeds and the dilapidated buildings, you’ll spot an albino buck. You might just get a quick glimpse of the white fur and massive horns before he darts away.

This VR experience gives participants the opportunity to encounter the White Buck and to connect with the previous inhabitants of the land.

The VR experience features a complete 3-D model of the entire Silo City site.