The annual Twins Day Festival hosted in Twinsburg, Ohio is the largest gathering of identical twins in the world.  This virtual reality experience incorporates interviews with identical twins, paired with performances from Jessica Wegrzyn, and music and VR by Flatsitter.


ALTER es un espacio de arte inmersivo dedicado a la producción y exhibición de realidad virtual experimental. // Roma Norte, CDMX. // Realidad virtual de Flatsitter. // Instalación de arte inmersivo por David Patrick Mitchell.


A dark, erotic journey into the inner depths of nonbinary libidinal desire. Featuring music from Anklepants and Boy Harsher, as well as voiceover from muxe performance artist Lukas Avendaño.

Goat Mountain Revival

From the ashes of the Burned-over District of Western New York– a new faith is risen. This is the Nth Great Awakening. This new, federally recognized ‘avant-garde religion’ draws equally from reason, atavistic knowledge, and a binary divinity.

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Un nuevo espacio para la realidad virtual experimental en Oaxaca, México.

A new space for experimental virtual reality in Oaxaca, México.

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The Dream Wanderer

After an epic, yearlong journey across North America, the Dream Wanderer virtual reality bus is now a destination art installation located at 56221 Reche Road in Landers, California — a short drive from Joshua Tree National Park.

Check it out on Atlas Obscura / Make an appointment here.

Morning Dew

A post-apocalyptic virtual reality love song. Featuring music from Shawn Elliott Lewis and Brianna Battista.

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Las Olas // The Waves

A virtual reality life-cycle fever dream based on a novel by Virginia Woolf.

Featuring: music from Cages (Buffalo, NY),  photography and voice from Lizette Flores (Oaxaca), and passages from Virginia Woolf. (English and Spanish)

Lily Dale

A virtual reality exploration of spiritualism, vivid dreaming, and the afterlife based on the beliefs of a small utopian community in Western New York. The Austin Chronicle described it as “a virtual reality experience that’s on the weirder side of sublime, that’s eerie and personal and arranged like a beautiful immersive installation.”

This experience was shared with over 30,000 people across North America in the Dream Wanderer bus.


This immersive performance studies a woman as she deals with stages of grief after the loss of her family. Audience members travel in groups of two through a series of rooms, allowing them to witness the central character as she moves from tragedy towards personal transcendence.

Produced in collaboration with Torn Space Theater.

The White Buck

This site-specific virtual reality experience — White Buck — was set in an abandoned grain elevator complex — Silo City — and featured traditional Seneca singing from Bill Krause and the Allegheny River Dancers.


THETA (Θ) is a guided meditation virtual reality spa experience founded on principles of sensorial decadence and medical relaxation.

THETA is an ideal fit for spas, wellness centers, and boutique hotels. The experience has toured around the world.


“Long live the new flesh.”

The lines of reality were blurred with “SAFE WOR(L)D” — a touring VR installation that was inspired by “Videodrome.”

Music & VR by: Flatsitter

Live Vocals & Poetry by: Jax Deluca